Write for us

“The GAYd Worker” aims to raise awareness about the rights of LGBTQ+ staff and to provide a space for aid workers to share their experiences of discrimination and self-censorship, as well as solidarity and support.

This is also your space. In fact, this blog will not be able to meet its goal without you. We need LGBTQ+ aid workers based in different countries around the world and from different backgrounds to share their stories. If we strive for social change, we need more visibility.

Don’t be shy! Share your story as an LGBTQ+ aid worker and help us spark the debate on the rights of LGBTQ+ aid workers. Please send your post to the following email address:

gayd.worker (a) gmail.com

In case you wonder:

  1. Entries have to fit with the goal of our blog. We are looking for positive and not so positive stories or anecdotes of what is like to be an aid worker belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. Don’t worry about repetition as everybody will tell their story differently and the idea is to collect as many stories as possible and get a sense of our experiences around the world. You can write about whatever you want as long as it’s related to aid work and sexuality.
  2. We are not planning to edit guest posts as different people have different writing styles and we want to respect that. However, we may come back to you with feedback or clarifications if needed.
  3. We are looking for regular contributions from as many people as possible so feel free to spread the word amongst your network! Also, if somebody would like to contribute a few times we have nothing against that in principle and we would be happy to publish several posts from the same person as long as it fits our blog goal.
  4. You choose whether you want your post to be anonymous or not. If you want to add a link to a website you have, your work or twitter to widen your network, you are very welcome.
  5. There are not deadlines so no pressure.
We look forward to hearing from you. The more the merrier!

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